Hello, my name is Success Eduan and I am currently waiting for my A levels results. I am a track and field athlete and this year I am competing in the under 20  European Championships held in Jerusalem.  My dream is to become a midwife as it would allow me to support women to be strong and independent which are characteristics I can certainly gain becoming a midwife.


I'm Teni Bello, I grew up in Salford and graduated from Loreto Sixth Form College. Growing up I’ve always wanted to be distinct which is why I chose to study Chemical Engineering for a university degree. There isn't enough representation for Black Women in science and that is why I want to inspire young girls like myself to believe they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

Hello, I'm Antonia Shipley, I come from a deprived area of Manchester. I was brought up on a council estate, losing a parent at a young age and caring for another, but this is the least interesting thing about me. I went on to thrive in an academic environment at Loreto, gaining the confidence that my family had not been able to afford to buy and finding that I had a voice and deserved to be heard. I look forward to studying politics, which will enable me to create the world I want to live in, where there is no such barriers for “kids like me”.


I'm Fairy Chi and I grew up in East Manchester and later moved to North Manchester; both areas have low university progression rates and left me with little understanding about routes into higher education. I am a young carer and will be the first generation to attend university. Despite this, I am committed to carve out my legal career and have been able to secure an offer to study English and Hong Kong Law at King's College London!


I'm Sandra Yeboah, during my educational journey I struggled in many ways, however, through my hard work and determination I surpassed all the obstacles. After high school I studied at Loreto Sixth Form College and now on my way to study International Business at Loughborough University.


Hi! My name is Zeeshan Zahir and I hope to start my first year at the LSE studying Law this September. Despite attending a low performing high school, the excellent teaching at Loreto coupled with my hard-work in terms of A-levels enabled me to excel in my 2 years of study. I look forward to this new chapter and beginning of university life!


Hi, I’m Daniela Ukonga. Following the death of my mother I experienced many difficulties during my college years but having pushed through it and seeing light of this scholarship opportunity I am able to continue working hard towards making my family proud.


Hi! I’m Krystal Muwonge and I am studying Interior Architecture at Sheffield Hallam University. In the future I hope to provide more accessible spaces for people with disabilities, as I have family who often feel excluded from spaces. I am more than grateful to receive this scholarship as it will give me a head start in this direction.


Hi I'm Susan Jimoh, an ambitious individual hailing from London. Having made a significant move to Manchester, I felt like I had to start over but this move helped me set my sights on a new chapter in my life that led me here. In September of 2023, I will be commencing my journey towards becoming a solicitor by studying law at Newcastle University. With my passion for justice and a drive to make a difference, I’m determined to excel in my chosen field.


I'm Hassan Mohammed and I am a 2023 DCET scholar. I will be pursuing a degree in Dentistry and cannot wait to begin my journey with the help of the past scholars!